Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu (2023)


Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu (2023)
 IMDB Rating:

4.1/10 from 1,209 votes IMDb



 Starring by:

Harsha Chemudu Krishna Bhagavaan Mohammad Ali

 Directed by:

Eswar Surapu S.V. Krishna Reddy







 Story Plot: Vijay, a failed but talented film director starts selling Kondapalli toys made by his sculptor parents to make a living. He falls in love with Hassini, the daughter of a rich landlord and a businessman Organic Venkataramana, who gets furious when he comes to know Hassini‚Äôs relationship with Vijay. When Munikonda offers Vijay a chance to direct, Vijay lands in desperate situation to prove himself to win over his dream, love and life.
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